Media Planning and Buying

Every client is unique and therefore every set of challenges are different. By developing a completely bespoke strategy, backed by a sound understanding of your objectives and extensive data analysis, planning starts from the ground up, not from the top down.

Successful media planning and buying requires every detail to be right. By following the steps below we can ensure your ROI is maximised:

  • Step 1 – Immersion in your market, study your competitive set
    • Dedicate ourselves to understanding your unique business challenges
  • Step 2 – Understand your customers
    • Who are they and what is their journey to interact with your brand?
  • Step 3 – Plot the media touchpoints along that journey
    • How best can we reach your target audience?
  • Step 4 – Plan the maximum value from your budget to capitalise on the most     cost-effective media touchpoints
    • Efficiency becomes cost-efficiency
  • Step 5 – Plan the evaluation and data capture criteria for your campaign
    • It’s no good planning a campaign you can’t properly evaluate
  • Step 6 – Negotiate the best deals
    • By leveraging senior industry contacts we can ensure best value
  • Step 7 – Ensure the media is correctly delivered
    • Every detail has to be correct, not just overall value delivery
  • Step 8 – Capture the correct data and analyse
    • React to any initial results immediately, within campaign if necessary
  • Step 9 – Complete a thorough post-campaign analysis
    • Fully detailed reports are compiled after each campaign
  • Step 10 – Recommend optimisation to better improve ROI, based on the results collated